Ready, Set, BLOW! Trumpet Masterclass




This trumpet masterclass presentation can be given to group of music students in person or online (Skype). The information given applies to the trumpet directly but has merit among the workings of all brass instruments. It works well with grade school level band students (5th-12th) and other venues of music education. The class works well with large groups of beginners because it’s broken down into three simple, digestible steps that demonstrate how to play a single note correctly. The steps are easy to remember as they are in the title of the class which will be repeated many times in it’s duration. Good trumpet playing starts with one Perfect note, boiled down to its simplest form. After that, almost anything is possible. It shows the player how they can work With the horn instead of against it. This method is based on the science behind how a trumpet actually works instead of being based on presumption, hocus-pocus, “because we’ve always done it that way,” or “just use MORE AIR!” *facepalm* …In short, the information given in this class didn’t just fall off the manure wagon. It took some years of research and development in order for it to be as effective as it is today.
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