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A 1 hour trumpet/ music lesson with Jordan. Power Players get a 10% discount. Great for testing the waters, getting some help with a specific musical challenge, or mastering a specific skill on the trumpet.

One of the best ways to accelerate your learning is to meet up, 1 on 1, with someone who can already do what you are striving to learn.

6 reviews for Trumpet Lesson – 1 Hour

  1. Lynn Cobb (verified owner)

    So. After viewing some of Jordan’s posts. I reached out. Technology is great to have some collaboration with a player who does what you want to do and can analyze what one is doing. Slight shift from downstream to upstream making upper register easier. Jordan’s personality is awesome as well as his explanation and demonstration. Highly recommended!

  2. alan tate

    I had an hour lesson with Jordan. I play at least 2 hours a day. I have played daily for the most part of 20 years….could not play above G on the stave. Do you know the song..”Nobody knows the trouble i’ve seen.”? Well I play.. “nobody knows the crappy notes I have blown”…Until I had lesson with the Hofmann…Five minutes and this guy completely turned my playing around….somedays I blow double G somedays I blow double high C….I am totally gob smacked….the neighbours no longer do self harm and there are even birds returning to the street
    Seriously…this guys attitude and approach to teaching is great…he is genuinely interested in your playing and I just cannot believe he just fixed my playing so fast….all that effort I had put in to no avail….I just cannot thank you enough or express my feelings about that one lesson…I could not play no matter what I did or how hard it tried. I live trumpet and that is why I put up with all those years of failure. So gorgeous you to have given me the knowledge of how to play those high notes it’s made my was a major bone of contention that I was putting the time in and hit a brick wall which I could not of passed…..Jordan ‘s method is simple and differs completely from the ways other teachers prescribed…I am not saying that they are wrong. Their ways don’t work for me..Give this guy a try…he is not asking a lot of money for his time and he is completely genuine. thanks Jordan

  3. Nichole Schlueter (verified owner)

    My son was wanting some extra help for a playing test at school. Jordan got us in on short notice as a first time student. He has an awesome personality, and can definitely play! I got to watch part of the lesson and loved the way he broken down the music and explained the best way to learn it. My son said he learned more in that 1 hour than he had in the last 2 years of playing. We are sold, and have returned for more lessons. Definitely recommend Jordan!

  4. German (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing trumpet since the 4th grade and now I’m 36. That being said, I’ve always struggled playing above the high C. The highest note I’ve ever reached was the high F but sounding extremely airy. To tell the truth all it really took was one lesson with Jordan and one month later I was able to reach up to a DD, might I add using a ptrumpet X)

    Jordan’s lessons are pretty awesome, he’s very positive. Sometimes it feels like I’m getting lessons from a long time friend.

  5. Klaus Anselm (verified owner)

    Let me tell you about my lesson with Jordan. I was on a three-month contract doing a theatre gig far away from home. The farm house they put us musicians up in was void of much entertainment. That was fine as my entertainment was working on aspects of my playing, including range. Cue Jordan! I’ve seen his videos for a few months now. He is how he comes across on his videos, an enthusiastic instructor that has your best interests in mind. Whatever your goals are, Jordan has the knowledge and passion to help you obtain your playing goals. The rates he chargers are a bargain! I would recommend anyone who wants to take their trumpet playing to the next level to give Jordan a try. I wish there was a 6th star to rate him at.

  6. healey.cj (verified owner)

    Jordan’s a great player and a great teacher. He is full of enthusiasm and a passion for both playing a teaching. He has it worked out as much as anyone has, and he can help you put the pieces together for yourself.
    Take all the lessons you can!

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