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-The Lifetime Membership applies to both Jordan’s online AND local students. Local students can become Site Members same as online students if they so desire👍 There are benefits in doing so, especially for regular weekly lesson students or for those who wish to take Trumpet Lessons long term.

-Whether you’re an online student, a local student, or a little of both~ all 🎺 lessons can be paid for below. The lesson packages/ rates apply to both online and local students in the same way and are purchased using the same secure online process. (PayPal or Credit Card)

-Trumpet Lessons never expire! Jordan keeps track of how many lessons each student has remaining on his or her prepaid tab. If you do need to miss or reschedule a lesson, just let Jordan know 24 hours (or more) ahead of time. You will not pay for what you don’t receive. Also, this way allows students to stock up on lessons to use for later😀 Jordan reserves the right to charge for skipped or missed lessons, so please give notice of any changes that need to be made before entering the 24 hour window.



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