Based on Jordan Hoffman’s “3 Rules for Power Playing on the Trumpet” …A Video Course Designed to Give You Screamin’ Double C’s and Unrelenting Trumpet Chops so You Can Play Strong All Day Everyday!

…All the information that you need in order to sky-rocket your playing is finally in one place🎺✅ All of the information is right here, presented for you in this complete and comprehensive trumpet course. The Power Player Trumpet Course is comprehensive, but it actually goes even another step further than other trumpet courses out there in the market- This course is designed to help you pinpoint, diagnose, and fix all personal “problem areas” in your playing so that in-turn your playing will become easier and easier everyday as you take true and permanent measurable steps towards the goal of reaching your full potential on the this instrument. Taking this course will teach you how to become your own “chop-doctor,” how to become your own expert “mouthpiece consultant,” and ultimately, your own teacher. Whether you’re a “high-note” player or not, The Power Player Trumpet Course is designed to give you all the tools you need in order to play whatever style of music that you desire, no-matter how physically demanding it may be.


The Power Player Trumpet Course is NOT an annual subscription. Purchasing the course gives you lifetime access to…


#1 The Power Player Trumpet Course Video Lesson Series✅ (in its full and complete form). 5 Hours of educational HD video content, broken-down into 13 digestible and chronological trumpet lessons for the modern trumpet player. This online trumpet course contains the best upper-register explanations and demonstrations on the internet today, and it contains a concise delivery of the most effective and learnable embouchure techniques employed by professional players from around the globe (The Ideal Embouchure). This online trumpet course is designed inherently to ensure that every player who takes it WILL expand his range in a significant way. Every player who takes the course will also level-up their over-all trumpet playing in a general sense. Any player who takes massive action by practicing and employing the techniques shown in this course will undoubtedly start to see massive results in his trumpet playing. This is the last trumpet range building source you will ever need. By taking this course, your trumpet playing will sky-rocket like never before and it will cost you less than 1 college credit or a new trumpet mouthpiece… Are you ready to become a Power Player?

#2 All Learn Lead Trumpet PDFs and Sheet Music Downloads✅ (at no extra cost). Unlimited Downloads of Everything. Downloads Including but Not Limited Too:
he Power Player PDF (88 page PPTC Book)
-The Perfect Practice PDF (75 page practice packet)
-The Advanced Range Expansion Exercise
(over $100 of PDFs will soon become FREE to you)

#3 ALL TRUMPET LESSONS WITH JORDAN AT 10% OFF✅ You read it right, buying The Power Player Trumpet Course also acts as your site membership to LearnLeadTrumpet.com, i.e. every trumpet lesson or Lesson Pack you buy from the store will be automatically discounted by 10% for all-time, whether you like it or not! This applies to online, local, and hybrid students alike. One of the best ways to accelerate your learning is to meet up, 1 on 1, with someone who can already do what you are striving to learn. Jordan enjoys working with all kinds of players young and old, and he especially enjoys working with players who’ve labeled themselves as a “difficult case.” If you’ve “tried everything” as it applies to the upper register of the trumpet, then consider taking a 4 PACK of Trumpet Lessons with Jordan. He likes a good challenge and Weekly Trumpet Lessons offer the added benefit of customization and chop diagnosis for the player from a working professional.

#4 1st Priority Email Correspondence✅ Aspiring trumpet players of all types and backgrounds keep Jordan busy on a daily basis with questions and conversation about all things trumpet. He does his best to answer all questions/ inquiries sent via email, messenger, direct message etc. but is often forced to prioritize. Jordan’s students and site members are his first priority. Email: JHofftrumpeter@gmail.com

#5 A Free 1 Hour Trumpet Lesson with Jordan✅
Use your Free one-time trumpet lesson when YOU are ready.Email: JHofftrumpeter@gmail.com to set up and schedule your lesson.

In Summary…
The Power Player Trumpet Course isn’t just a stack of “tips and tricks” that may or may not contradict each-other. It’s a comprehensive trumpet course that covers every aspect and every small detail of how to master the fundamentals, and become a physically powerful trumpet player. It covers everything from developing your Ideal Embouchure, to expanding range, the RSB Method, connecting the registers, how to get the most out of your daily chop workouts, how to practice lead charts, how to find your mouthpiece match, how to find the best trumpet for you, how to prepare for gigs and play your absolute best during the gig, and how to crack into the triple register- double C and beyond!

You don’t need to struggle anymore. You CAN play lead trumpet in the big-band. You CAN make it through the 3 hour rock band gig and come out feeling fresh. You CAN play those taxing concert band songs. You CAN rip out some powerful high notes in your marching band show and you CAN learn to play this instrument with POWER and GRACE. You can reach your full potential on the trumpet. Why settle for anything less? Don’t miss out!


A few reviews…
“Jordan Hoffman has developed a tremendous range, endurance, and flexibility. He did his own research on how to acquire it. This gives him the ability to teach and work with individuals to meet their own goals of becoming a lead trumpet player or an efficient all-around trumpeter.”
– Lee Adams | Owner – Callet Custom Trumpets

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jordan for a number of years now. If you have seen his online posts, you already know that he can play, and man, does he ever! Not only is he a tremendous musician and trumpeter, but he is also a fantastic teacher. Jordan has the unique ability to assess a player’s technical facility and help that player with any difficulties that he or she may be dealing with…all in a super – positive way that makes playing and learning the trumpet fun. We never stop learning how to play this instrument. I highly endorse Jordan, his methods, and any material, whether online or in print, that he may have to offer any trumpet player who is interested in improving on the instrument.”
– Brian Scriver | GR Mouthpieces Customer Service

“Jordan Hoffman and I “met” online for collaborative projects and a podcast, and we participate in FB groups discussing all things trumpet. I am familiar with his playing, and he contributes a great deal to the world trumpet community. I have been watching his videos online for some time now and find that I am very much in agreement with the techniques he teaches. His book addresses the use of “squeaks” and developing them into notes. I have been doing this for some time and applaud him for thinking of this on his own. He has very thoroughly thought this through and spelled it out clearly in his book. His ideas are not found in so called traditional trumpet method books and his ideas are going to help any player bound by the limitations of older methods. I highly recommend The Power Player Trumpet Course by Jordan Hoffman.”
– Nicholas Drozdoff | Maynard Ferguson Orchestra alumni

“Jordan was invited to the GR shop to be the Trumpet Test Guinea Pig for a mouthpiece consultant certification in 2018. We spent two solid days of training and understanding how the trumpet system and process works. Jordan was the test piglet, and a fine one. We talk in depth at times. Jordan has energy to say the least, is very motivated, teaches and plays the trumpet with passion and has a vision, as well as a gift with the technical side of things.”
– Gary Radtke | Founder/ Owner – GR Mouthpieces

“Jordan Hoffman walks the Talk and is the real deal! Jordan presents in a clear way how he has developed extreme power chops in all registers and has the science to back it. He can help students at all levels and has a keen ear and eye to identify what is going on with the student. Jordan can address all aspects of professional playing and his approach simplifies the subject and takes the fear out of upper registering playing. And man, it’s fun trading eights with him on SKYPE playing out of his songbook (Power Player Daily Workouts).”
– Nicholas Fantazzi | Trumpet Student- Sewell, New Jersey

“Jordan’s a great player and a great teacher. He is full of enthusiasm and a passion for both playing and teaching. He has it worked out as much as anyone has, and he can help you put the pieces together for yourself. Take all the lessons you can!”
– Christopher Healey | Trumpet Student- Kensington, Australia

“Just finished an extended lesson with Jordan Hoffman. Not only is he a great lad and player, but an exceptional teacher as well. He has an extraordinary ability to break very complex ideas down into bite sized nuggets of wisdom.”
– Jeff Finkelstein | Trumpet Student- Alpharetta, Georgia


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