Trumpet Lessons

Skype Trumpet Lessons, Local Trumpet Lessons, It’s all the same! Jordan teaches all ages from the beginner to professional (please email Jordan for availability first before purchasing lessons)

Commercial and Comeback Players:

  • Commercial and Comeback Players- you’re in the right place! Jordan enjoys helping guys and gals discover their Double C for the first time. 1 on 1 lessons with Jordan is a great way to enhance your overall progress on the trumpet, but we do recommend that you only start with high-note lessons after completing or at least getting started on the Power Player Trumpet Course. We recommend that you take the Power Player Trumpet Course first, before starting lessons in order to ensure the fastest progress, best results, and a thorough understanding of the demonstrated playing techniques. After watching the course, Jordan will be able to tailor/ customize the playing techniques (The Ideal Embouchure, the Squeak Technique, Ready Set BLOW!) to you during lessons. And this way, he’ll be able to more quickly and effectively help you pinpoint and fix any last-existing issues in your playing.
  • Taking the Power Player Trumpet Course also gives you 10% off of trumpet lessons permanently, even if you’re not here for high-note lessons! The course will act as your ‘site membership’ to Every trumpet lesson or Lesson Pack you buy from the store will be automatically discounted by 10% for all-time.
  • Whether it’s jazz, rock, or pop, Jordan can teach you how to improvise in 1 on 1 lessons. He can teach you how to write hornlines, how to play by ear… He can teach you anything that you’ve seen him do in any of his videos.
  • Feel free to send Jordan an email: if you want to learn more, or are curious about taking high-note lessons and or improvisation lessons. Jordan would be happy to talk through the details and will get back to you as soon as he can.

Young Players Let’s Talk Goals:

What are your goals as a trumpet player?🎺 Are you trying to make 1st chair in band? Get into Drum Corp? Make All-State Band? Get a full ride music scholarship to college? Learn how to improvise? Expand your range? Maybe you’re just on a quest to become a rock-solid player in what ever you’re playing or what ever ensemble you happen to be in.

What is driving you right now? and do you have an active plan to get there? These are some questions that every young trumpet player needs to think about in order to have a shot at transforming their goals into reality.

And one last question- do you have a teacher? someone with a little bit of experience and ability that can work with you to help you reach your goals? Someone to work with you 1 on 1?

I want to encourage you to find a teacher. A good teacher who will care about you and your musical success. …It’s incredible how much easier and more fulfilling music can be with a little help and direction from someone who’s been there.

Trumpet student parents– Feel free to send Jordan an email: if you want to learn more, or are interested in starting weekly trumpet lessons for your child. Jordan would be happy to talk through the details and will get back to you as soon as he can.