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  • Have a specific high note issue? Commercial/ Comeback Players you’re at the right place👍
  • Want to learn a new skill on the trumpet? P.S. Jordan loves teaching people to play by ear…
  • Maybe you want to play some music and get some feedback, audition music etc…
  • Or maybe you just want to talk trumpet and hang out!
Maya (regular weekly student)

Maya (regular weekly student)

So why not have a Trumpet Lesson with him 1 on 1? Go ahead and purchase a lesson. Jordan will email you back as soon as possible to exchange info and set up a lesson time. Whatever your needs, Jordan is a well rounded professional musician who can help you get to your desired result. Skype Lessons/ Local Lessons are available to purchase from the Store page. Remember! Members of get 25% off.

weekly trumpet lessons

Jaxson (regular weekly student)

Jaxson (regular weekly student)

Let’s Talk Goals:

What are your goals as a trumpet player?🎺 Are you trying to make 1st chair in band? Get into Drum Corp? Make All-State Band? Get a full ride music scholarship to college? Learn how to improvise? Expand your range? Maybe you’re just on a quest to become a rock-solid player in what ever you’re playing or what ever ensemble you happen to be in.

What is driving you right now? and do you have an active plan to get there? These are some questions that every young trumpet player needs to think about in order to have a shot at transforming their goals into reality.

And one last question- do you have a teacher? someone with a little bit of experience and ability that can work with you to help you reach your goals? Someone to work with you 1 on 1?

I want to encourage you to find a teacher. A good teacher who will care about you and your musical success. …It’s incredible how much easier and more fulfilling music can be with a little help and direction from someone who’s been there.

Find somebody good:)