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The Power Player PDF is the full and complete PDF/ book that goes along-side the Power Player Trumpet Course. It contains 88 pages of material that covers everything from proper playing fundamentals and ideas, developing your Ideal Embouchure, upper register development, and even how to break into the triple register, double C and beyond!

The Power Player PDF is perfect for players who learn best by reading🤓It’s also a great option for players who aren’t quite yet ready to purchase the Power Player Trumpet Course in its entirety. This book covers all the major points of the course, and it even delves into a few performance topics not covered in the Video Lesson Series.

“Jordan Hoffman and I “met” online for collaborative projects and a podcast, and we participate in FB groups discussing all things trumpet. I am familiar with his playing, and he contributes a great deal to the world trumpet community. I have been watching his videos online for some time now and find that I am very much in agreement with the techniques he teaches. His book addresses the use of “squeaks” and developing them into notes. I have been doing this for some time and applaud him for thinking of this on his own. He has very thoroughly thought this through and spelled it out clearly in his book. His ideas are not found in so called traditional trumpet method books and his ideas are going to help any player bound by the limitations of older methods. I highly recommend The Power Player Trumpet Course by Jordan Hoffman.”
– Nicholas Drozdoff | Maynard Ferguson Orchestra alumni

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