Mouthpiece Play-Test


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Ready to get serious about playing and sounding your best? Do you want to start playing easier and more efficiently than you ever have before?

Well this Mouthpiece Play-Test won’t help you. It won’t help you until you’ve figured out what you’re doing with your chops. You’ll need to discover your Ideal Embouchure first as shown in Lesson #2.1 of the Power Player Trumpet Course.

Players often skip this step to their detriment. Many players will avoid practicing and locking-in their Ideal Embouchure at all costs. But in-turn, they will crawl across a desert to buy a new mouthpiece! Make sure this is not you!!

If you’re ready to get serious about leveling-up on this instrument, then you’ll need to go about things in the right order: Player, Mouthpiece, Horn. So first, go sign up for the Power Player Trumpet Course. Start watching the lesson videos and furthermore get yourself started in learning HOW to play the trumpet in your best physical form. Be patient, work your way through the course at your own pace, then in Lesson #5.1 you will learn how to find your true Mouthpiece Match by taking the Mouthpiece Play-Test.

Huge gains, TrumpetGains (ha ha) can come from playing on a mouthpiece that actually fits the player. But the benefits that a player can gain by playing on the mouthpiece that is a Match for him… These benefits are nothing short of incredible. Articulation, sound, projection, accuracy, endurance, and sometimes even range will improve drastically once a player has discovered his Mouthpiece Match. BUT…

If you want to truly excel on this instrument, and if you want to save yourself time, money, and loads of frustration during the process, then you need to do things in the right order: Player, Mouthpiece, Horn. Even if you do find your perfect Mouthpiece Match, the mouthpiece will not solve all of your playing problems and it certainly won’t sky-rocket your playing by itself. There’s a little more to it than that;) So sign-up for the full and comprehensive Power Player Trumpet Course and get going on your playing goals right now! Are you ready to become a Power Player? Click the icon below to level-up your playing 10X more than you intended to.

Best of luck, and may the chops be with you!




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